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My work can be found or is forthcoming in the journals and websites listed below. Many thanks to the editors for the inclusion of my work. I am grateful for your efforts throughout the year.



Craft Talks and Essays:

POETRY Magazine and Poetry Foundation. Harriet Blog. “What Does Food Have to Do with Poetry?” November 19, 2019. Online

Queen Mob’s Teahouse: teh Book. “Asian Princesses: Fetishization, Sexiness, Anime Girls, and Poetry.” Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019. Manchester, UK. March 2019. Print.  

Queen Mob’s Teahouse. “Videogames and Loneliness: My Forged Wedding.” Online.

Blackbird. “Keeping the Spark Alive: Writing as a Lifelong Process.” Volume 15, Number 1. Spring 2016. Online.

Blog Posts: 



The Cincinnati Review. “Playlists for the Act of Composition.” Contributor. April 2020. Online.


Queen Mob’s Teahouse. “Dorothy Chan’s 10 Favorite Poems of the Decade (2010-2019).” December 2019. Online

POETRY Magazine and Poetry Foundation. Reading List: November 2019. Poetry Editors’ Blog. November 22, 2019. Online

Interviews with me:

The Kenyon Review Series with Ruben Quesada: Revenge of the Asian Woman. Forthcoming. Online. 


Diode Editions. Diode Interviews Dorothy Chan, Author of Revenge of the Asian Woman, conducted by Chi Kyu Lee. August 1, 2020. Online


The Boiler. “Under Pressure Interview Series: Revenge of the Asian Woman,” with Sebastian Hasani Paramo and Bina Perino. April 2020. Online

The Spectator. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Student Newspaper Since 1923. “Respect the art, respect the craft: Dorothy Chan speaks poetry, teaching and determination.” March 12, 2020. Online


Queen Mob’s Teahouse. “Don’t Call it a Deep Dive: Poetry Close Reading with Russell Bennetts.” January 2020.  Online


Frontier Poetry. “Editors talk Poetry Acceptances: Dorothy Chan, Hobart.” November 11, 2019. Online


UWEC News. “The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s English department welcomes a new Creative Writing professor this semester.” October 25, 2019. Online


Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold: 10 Questions with Dorothy Chan.” Rebecca Mennecke and B.J. Hollars. October 13, 2019. Online


Volume One. Book Fest Q&A: Dorothy Chan, Volume One Staff. September 18, 2019. Print and Online

Tallahassee Democrat. “A conversation with FSU graduate and poet Dorothy Chan about ‘Revenge of the Asian Woman’.” Interview with CD Davidson-Hiers. July 2019. Online

American Literary Review. “Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful: A Conversation with Dorothy Chan.” Interview with Brian Clifton, Poetry Editor. February 2019. Online

Bettering American Poetry Interview Series. Bettering American Poetry, Volume 3. VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. November 2018. Online

Lunch Ticket. Litdish Interview Series. November 5, 2018. Online

The Little Patuxent Review. Celebrating Past Contributors’ Successes: Q&A with Dorothy Chan. Interview with Andrew Hamm. August 3, 2018. Online

Speaking of Marvels. Interviews about chapbooks, novellas, and books of assorted lengths. Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press, 2018), Interview with William Woolfitt. July 28, 2018. Online

Queen Mob’s Tea House. In Bed with Dorothy Chan. Interview with Russell Bennetts, Editor. July 10, 2018. Online

Sundress Publications. Lyric Essentials: Dorothy Chan Reads Barbara Hamby’s “Ode to Sirin.” Interview with Anna Black. June 13, 2018. Online

Queen Mob’s Tea House. Poets Online Talking About Coffee: Dorothy Chan. Interview with Russell Bennetts, Editor. May 4, 2018. Online.

KMSU Weekly Reader (89.7 FM). Chinatown Sonnets. Interview with Tyler Barton. April 16, 2018. Audio. Online. 

Sonora Review. SR72 Contributor Interviews, Interview with Eshani Surya. March 2018. Online

New Delta Review. Chinatown From the Movies, Interview with Raquel Thorne. May 2017. Online


Crab Fat Magazine. Dorothy Chan, Interview with Mai Nguyen Do, on the Centerfold Poems and “Centerfold Versailles.” June 2016. Online.


Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. Dorothy Chan, Interview with Julie Brooks Barbour. July 2015. Online.

Hayden's Ferry Review Blog. Behind the Masthead: Dorothy Chan, Poetry Editor. Interview with Lauren Mickey. November 2014. Online

Hayden's Ferry Review Blog. Behind the Masthead: Dorothy Chan, Poetry Editor. Interview with Kacie Wheeler. March 2013. Online



Interviews Conducted:

Hobart. “Common Ancestor: An Interview with Jenny Irish.” March 31, 2020.  Online

Hobart. “Midwestern Strange: An Interview with B.J. Hollars.” September 29, 2019. Online


The Southeast Review. “Of Obsessions, Fans, and Fetishes: A Conversation with Alice Fulton.” Volume 36, Issue 2. September 2018. Print. 


The Southeast Review, TWO (“This Week Online”). Interview with Monica McClure. August 2018. Online


The Southeast Review, TWO (“This Week Online”). Interview with Tara Ison. July 2018. Online


The Southeast Review, TWO (“This Week Online”). Interview with Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon. July 2018. Online


The Southeast Review. Interview with Taneum Bambrick. May 2018. Online


The Southeast Review. Interview with Amy Meng. April 2018. Online

The Southeast Review. Interview with Justin Greene, Editor-in-Chief of New Delta Review. Online. April 2018. Online

The Southeast Review. Snakes and the Forbidden Act of Watching. An Interview with Lee Ann Roripaugh. Volume 36, Number 1. March 2018. Print. 


The Southeast Review. You Gray Thing: Kim Hyesoon and the Philosophy of Between. An Interview with Kim Hyesoon, translated by Sue Hyon Bae and Lauren Albin. Volume 36, Number 1. March 2018. Print.


The Southeast Review. Narrative Story Telling: Childhood, Myth, and Magic. An Interview with Dao Linh. Volume 35, Number 1. January 2017. Print.


The Southeast Review. Author Q&A with Chris Hutchinson. September 2016. Online.


The Southeast Review. Within the Context of Another Story: Artist Interview with Jensine Eckwall. Volume 34, Number 2. Print.


Book Reviews: 

POETRY Magazine. “Over the You About You: On turn around, BRXGHT XYXS by Rosebud Ben-Oni and Arias by Sharon Olds.” November 2020. Online and Print. 


Big Other. “Completing the Brushstroke: A Review of Shin Yu Pai’s ENSŌ.” November 2020. Online


Pleiades. The Landscape of Spectacle: A Review of Jessica Q. Stark’s Savage Pageant. September 2020. Online


Southern Indiana Review. “I’m Alive. It Hurts. I Love It, by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza.” September 2020. Online.


Split Lip Magazine. “A Nail the Evening Hangs On by Monica Sok.” February 2020. Online.


Pleiades. “Rewriting the Technicolor Narrative: A Review of Sally Wen Mao’s Oculus.” Issue 40.1. Winter 2020. Print and Online


The Cincinnati Review. “Poetry, Popular Culture, and Political Confrontation.” Book review on Diannely Antigua’s Ugly Music, Carmen Giménez Smith’s Cruel Futures, Lindsay Lusby’s Catechesis: A Postpastoral, and Stacey Tran’s Soap for the Dogs. Volume 16, Number 2. Fall 2019 Issue. Print. 


Shining Rock Poetry Review. “Timothy Liu, Luminous Debris: New and Selected Legerdemain 1992-2017.” Summer 2018. Online


Boxcar Poetry Review. “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Kate Angus’ So Late to the Party.” Issue 39. Spring 2018. Online

Newfound. “Prayer Book of the Anxious by Josephine Yu.” ​Volume 8, Number 2. October 2017. Online.  

Quarterly West. “Tall As You Are Between Them by Annie Christain.” Issue 90. Spring 2017. Online.


Boxcar Poetry Review. “Love the Stranger” by Jay Deshpande. Issue 38. January 2017. Online.


Boxcar Poetry Review. “Glass Harvest” by Amie Whittemore. Issue 38. January 2017. Online.


Woodland Pattern Book Center. “Restless Continent” by Aja Couchois Duncan. Summer 2016. Online.


Shining Rock Poetry Anthology.  “The Ladder by Alan Michael Parker.” Issue Number 4. Fall 2016. Online.


Shining Rock Poetry Anthology. “Domestic Garden by John Hoppenthaler.” Spring 2016. Online.


Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog. “Kaleidoscope by Tina Barr.” July 2015. Online.


Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog. “Reveille by George David Clark.” March 2015. Online.


Hayden’s Ferry Review Blog. “Jonas in Frames: an epic by Chris Hutchinson.” December 2014. Online.


Monologging: A Local-Global Collaborative Magazine. “Surge: Drafts 96-114.” October 2013. Online.





ASU News:


“Poet who mixes mathematics, art to give public reading at ASU.” March 2015. Online.


“Appetite, giant squid at center of ASU alum’s critically acclaimed book.” November 2014. Online.


“Feminist poet, critic to visit ASU for reading, lecture.” October 2013. Online.


Cornell Chronicle/Chronicle Online:

“Eco-friendlier Slope Day to feature water backpacks, free food and races.” April 2012. Online.

“Museum exhibit tackles partitioned nations, including India, Korea, Sudan.” April 2012. Online

“Junk Genies program helps middle schoolers apply physics.” March 2012. Online

“Cox Library hums with the sound -- and study -- of music.” March 2012. Online

“Students debate whether liberal arts or pre-professional education lead to careers.” October 2011. Online.


“ ‘Quarterlifers’ search for meaning of lifes.” September 2011. Online.


“Via Facebook, Google and other sites, ‘the invisible becomes visible,’ in human interaction, says Kleinberg.” July 2011. Online.

“Diane Ackerman recalls husband's stroke recovery." July 2011. Online.

“Class of 2012 gets the Ivy League to join forces for philanthropy for first time.” June 2011. Online.

“Curator recounts challenge of developing African-focused global art exhibit in NYC.” April 2011. Online

“Dan Savage, speaking on campus, helps gay teens feel positive about their lives.” April 2011. Online.

“Student docent program at museum prompts more tours.” March 2011. Online.

“Patel stresses interfaith cooperation and shared values as backbone for unity.” February 2011. Online.

“Cornell Piano Society -- for beginners and virtuosos alike -- offers lessons, classes.February 2011. Online

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