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Dorothy Chan Poetry Publications


My poetry can be found or is forthcoming in the journals listed below. Many thanks to the editors for publishing my work. I am grateful for your efforts throughout the year.


Forthcoming works:

Poem-a-Day. Guest Editor Kendra DeColo. Forthcoming. March 2024.


American Poetry Review. “Triple Sonnet for Taking the Money and Taking that Exit,” “Triple Sonnet for Nomi Malone in the Center of the Universe,” and “Triple Sonnet for the Infinite Loop of Youth, Now Streaming.” Forthcoming. 


North American Review. “Triple Sonnet for Main Character Energy.” Fall 2023. Forthcoming. 


Asian American Writer’s Workshop, The Margins. “Triple Sonnet for Hot Girl Words Whispered in the Corner Booth.” Fall 2023. Forthcoming. Online. 


Copper Nickel. “You Don’t Need a Rich Lover, Just a Generous One.” Issue 27. October 2023. Forthcoming. Print. 


Sweet: A Literary Confection. “It’s “Let’s Get Food,” “Triple Sonnet for a Lover’s Secret I’ll Share Now,” “Triple Sonnet Because Food is My Love Language,” and “My Lover’s Wife Says.” Fall 2023. Forthcoming. Online. 


The Boiler. “Domestic Goddess.” Fall 2023. Forthcoming. Online. 


ANMLY. “Triple Sonnet Because My Love Language is Power.” Fall 2023. Forthcoming. Online. 

Available works:



The Ilanot
Review. “I Have an Asthma Attack in the Middle of the Night” and “At Dawn, After I Kiss a Girl for the First Time.” Guest Editor: W. Todd Kaneko. November 2022. Online.

The Gettysburg Review. “Designer.” Volume 34, Number 1. August 2022. Print. 

The Cincinnati Review. “miCRo.” “34D.” June 1, 2022. Online


Denver Quarterly. “Ode to Heavy Appetizers and Many Big Loves.” Issue 55.4 Spring 2022. Print. 

Verse Daily. “Triple Sonnet for Batman Villains and Whatever This Is.” Spring 2022. Originally published in Colorado Review Fall/Winter 2021. Online

Ki Online. “Designer” and “A White Woman Claims I’ve Never Been Through Anything.” Issue One. Spring 2022. Online

Superstition Review. “Ode to Sitting Courtside at a Lakers Game.” Issue 29. Spring 2022. Online

Colorado Review. “You Might Change Your Mind About Kids” and “Triple Sonnet for Batman Villains and Whatever This Is.” Fall/Winter 2021. Print.


HAD. “Triple Sonnet for Veronica Lodge’s Tigers.” September 30, 2021. Online

Verse Daily. Verse Daily Web Weekly Features. “A Poem About Killing Off Your Homophobic Characters.” August 2, 2021. Originally published in Diode Poetry Journal. Online

Diode Poetry Journal. “A Poem About Killing Off Your Homophobic Characters” and “Triple Sonnet About Ghosting Your Best Friend.” Volume 14, Number 3. July 2021. Online

Salt Hill Journal. “Ode for Everyone Else’s Fantasies.” Reprint online. Originally published in Salt Hill #39 (2017). Online

Just Femme and Dandy. “Triple Sonnet for Oversexed and Overripe and Overeager.” Inaugural Issue. June 2021. Online

ALL Review. Arts + Literature Laboratory. Madison, Wisconsin. “Triple Sonnet for Chinese Girls with No Humility.” April 2021. Online.

The Margins, Asian American Writer’s Workshop.  “Triple Sonnet for Dennis Rodman, #91, on my Television Screen.” March 16, 2021. Online.

Passages North. “Psychic Crush of the Week.” Issue 42. Spring 2021. Print and Online

POETRY Magazine. “Triple Sonnet for Celebrities with Three Names” and “Triple Sonnet Because Boy, You’re Starstruck and I’m a Wonder.” January 2021. Print and Online.

Vox Viola. “A Triple Sonnet About Queer x Straight Girl Friendships” and “Triple Sonnet for Being a Queer in a Family of Straights.” January 2021. Online.


Pleiades. “Recipe for Boys Named Stanford, Duke, and Berkeley.” December 2020. Reprinted Online.


The Account Journal. “Triple Sonnet for Eggsexuals,” “Triple Sonnet, Because She Makes Me Hot,” “Triple Sonnet and Three Cheers for the Asian Bachelorette,” and “Triple Sonnet for Hers and Hers Towels and Princes Aurora’s Blue/Pink Gown.” December 2020. Online.


POETRY Magazine. “Ode to Chinese Superstitions, Haircuts, and Being a Girl.” October 2020. Print and Online. 


DREGINALD. “Triple Sonnet for Silver Foxes, Dear Dad, and Alex Trebek, Teach Me Something Actually Useful,” “Triple Sonnet for Couples Fighting Over Yale,” “Triple Sonnet for Snakes Eating Cocks,” “Ode to Lasagna,” and “Triple Sonnet for Asian Girlfriends: Cancel My Membership.” September 2020. Online.


Storm Cellar Quarterly. “A-List Celebrities and Chinese Immigrant Families.” August 2020. Reprinted Online.

The Boiler. “Triple Sonnet and Three Cheers of White Russians,” “Triple Sonnet for Charging Admission,” and “Triple Sonnet for Losing My Virginity Again.” Summer 2020. Online

Diode Poetry Journal. “Triple Sonnet, Because I’m a Lucky Girl,” “Let’s Tear Each Other’s Clothes Off, I Tell Him Over the Phone,” and “Five Sonnets for Red Lips: Goodbye, J.” Volume 13, Number 2. June 2020. Online

Flypaper Lit. “Because You Fall Too Fast Too Hard.” June 2020. Online

Oyez Review. “Recipe for Teen Dramas 2” and “Good Little Asian Girl.” Issue 47. April 2020. Online. 

The McNeese Review: Boudin, The Online Home of The McNeese Review. “Dear Lady, Stop Gifting Me Lip Balms and Hand Cream,” “Triple Sonnet for Naughtiness,” and “Recipe for Teen Dramas.” February 2020. Online


Pidgeonholes. “Year of the Pig,” “Triple Sonnet for Yumminess,” and “Triple Sonnet for Categories of Porn.” February 2020. Online


Pleiades. “Recipe for Boys Named Stanford, Berkeley, and Yale.” Volume 40.1. January 2020. Print. 

Cartridge Lit. “Recipe for My Valentine’s Day Lunch Special.” December 2019. Online

Juked. “Sex Stories and Food.” November 2019. Online

Palette Poetry. “Chinese Girl Strikes Back.” November 2019. Online

Crab Orchard Review. “Triple Sonnet for the Girl with Ten Stomachs” and “Triple Sonnet for Asian Girls Eating Gelato.” A World of Flavors Issues. November 2019. Online

POETRY Magazine. “Triple Sonnet for Black Hair.” November 2019. Print and Online

Bettering American Poetry. Volume 3. “XII. My Father Looks Back” and “XIII. My Mother the Writer.” Fall 2019. 

Figure 1. “Recipe for Loneliness.” Issue 3b. September 2019. Online.  

Tampa Review. “Ode to Andrew McCarthy and Your Hand on My Thigh.” Issue 57/58. August 2019. Print. Academy of American Poets“So Chinese Girl.” Originally published in The Cincinnati Review. July 2019. Online

The American Poetry Review. “Triple Sonnet for Sad Asian Girls.” Vol. 48/No. 4. July/August 2019. Print. 

Berfrois. Because You Fall Too Fast Too Hard and Recipe for Kings, Emperors, Princesses, and Show Dogs. June 2019. Online

Waxwing. “Recipe for Rudeness,” “Ode, if Your Love Language is Physical Touch,” “Triple Sonnet for Corn Soup,” “Triple Sonnet for Studmuffins Wrapped in Bacon,” and “Recipe for Lover #4.” June 2019. Online.

Diode Poetry Journal. “Triple Sonnet, Because You've Got That Thing Going On,” “Give Me Kink in a Highball Glass, and You Can Fall in Love with Me,” “Asian Girls from Mars Go Everywhere,” and “Ode to the Woman-Child Aesthetic.” 12th Anniversary New Titles Feature. April 2019. Online

Verse Daily. “Triple Sonnet for my Aggressive Forehead.” March 2019. Online

Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities. “Don’t You Wish She Were Dumber” and “Triple Sonnet '80s Whirlpool of my Mother’s Childhood.” April 2019. Print.

Storm Cellar. “A-List Celebrities and Chinese Immigrant Families.” March 2019. 


The Offing. “Triple Sonnet for Dragons Spitting Out Pearls,” and “Triple Sonnet, Because Let’s Record Ourselves Eat and Make Love.” March 2019. Online.

Cosmonauts Avenue. “Hey, Good Cupcake Guy” and “Triple Sonnet for Being Your Own Sugar Daddy.” February 2019. Online.

Redivider.  “Ode to Petaloso” and “Come into my Grocery Store Fantasy, and I'll Wear Chanel.” Issue 16.1. Online. February 2019. Online

Gigantic Sequins. “Dial for Trivia, Marilyn, and the Sound of My Voice.” 10.1 Winter 2018. January 2019. Print. 

Foglifter. “Triple Sonnet for Your Trashy Wartime Asian Fetish Fantasy.” Volume 3 Issue 1. January 2019. Print. 

Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities. “It's Vending Men.” Issue #1. Fall 2018. Online.

Jet Fuel Review.  “The Chinese Zodiac Snake Cocktail,” “I'll Take the Love and Not the Money, Plus Some Oysters by the Half Shell,” “Ode for Baby Pandas, Hong Kong Mornings, and My Grandmother.” #16. Fall 2018 Issue. December 2018. Online

The Cincinnati Review.  “So Chinese Girl” and “The Soap Opera of My Body (Two-Headed Version).” 15.2. Winter 2019. Print and Online

TRACK//FOUR.  “Five Years Ago in Singapore.” VOLUME TWO // ISSUE THREE. November 2018. Online.  

Bellingham Review. “Hong Kong Suitor” and “Triple Sonnet for Liberace’s White Pianos and Dream Houses.” Issue 77. November 2018. Online

Up the Staircase Quarterly. “At Ten, My Father Wins an Eating Contest.” Issue #43. November 2018. Online

The Common. “Ode to the First Boy Who Made Me Feel It.” Issue 16. October 2018. Print and Online.

Nightblock. “All the Good Drag Names Are Taken,” Ode to Aphrodite, Ode to Sexiness, and Triple Sonnet for Autoerotica.” Edition 10. July 2018. Online.

Glass: A Journal of Poetry. Triple Sonnet for My Mother’s Full-on Soap Opera Fantasy.” July 2018. Online

Berfrois. “Ode to Lasagna.” May 3, 2018. Online

Bear Review. “Chinese Girl Videotape Leaked II.” Issue 4.2. May 2018. Online.

Oxidant|Engine. “Ode to the Most Beautiful Neck Alive” and “Where Are All the Hot Pilots: Thank You, Mrs. Guan.” Issue 5. May 2018. Online Academy of American Poets. Triple Sonnet for My Father’s Pet Goose, Pigeon Wars, and Daddy Issues. Originally published in Split Lip Magazine. April 2018. Online Academy of American Poets. Triple Sonnet for my Aggressive Forehead. Quarterly West Sampler. April 2018. Online

Quarterly West. Triple Sonnet for my Aggressive Forehead.” Issue 93. March 2018. Online

Diode Poetry Journal“Triple Sonnet for Good Boys, Grandma’s Cookies, and Girls with their Cream Cheese and Lox” and “Ode to Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Judy Jetson, and the Sixties Version of the Future.” 11th Anniversary Issue. March 2018. Online.

Split Lip Magazine. “Triple Sonnet for my Fathers Pet Goose, Pigeon Wars, and Daddy Issues.” Inaugural Print Issue. February 2018. Print. 

glitterMOB. “Ode to the Las Vegas Showgirl,” “Hollywood, Make More Movies About Asian People,” and “Take Me Out to the Dog Show and We’ll Kiss.” Late January 2018. Online.

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. “Ode to Hong Kong Noodle Houses.” 10th Anniversary Issue, themed "Writing Hong Kong." Issue 38. December 2017. Online.  

The Brooklyn Review. “I Have a Crush on My Mother's Teen Idol.” November 2017. Online


Qwerty Magazine. “Sonnet VII: Grandfather’s Oranges,” “Sonnet XXVI: What to Buy in a HK Metro Station,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls Dancing on Tables, Eating Octopus.” Issue 36. November 2017. Online.

The Boiler Journal“Ode to Nurses, Love Hotels, and Marilyns on the Covers of Playboy,” “Ode to Sexpots and My Mother’s Red Stockings,” and “Ode to Sushi, Sashimi, and the Eels in the Tank.” Fall 2017. Online.

Duende. “Ode to Psychics, Hookers, Shark Bone, and Free Iced Tea” and “My Father is the Son of a Concubine.” Issue 5: Fall 2017. Online.

Salt Hill Journal. “Ode for Everyone Else's Fantasies” and “In Tempe, Arizona, Michael, Najla, and I Witness a Date.” Issue 39, September 2017. Print.

Sonora Review. “Sonnet XVII: In the Jungle” and “Triple Sonnet of Botox, Massage Parlors, and Wild Animals.” Issue 72, September 2017. Print.

Lunch Ticket: Amuse-Bouche, semi-monthly feature. Spotlight: “Sonnet II: We’re Not in Chinatown Anymore” and “Sonnet XI: Fast Paces of Street Market Life.” Online.

The Boiler Journal. “Chinese Girl Videotape Leaked, Revenge of the Asian Woman, and In SoHo Hong Kong, a Korean Gold Digger Buys Everything. July 2017. Online

The McNeese Review. “My Dog Dies and I Meet the Love of My Life” and “I Save My Father’s Life.” Volume 54, July 2017. Print.

Kweli Journal. “Sonnet XXVIII: On Father’s Day.” June 2017. Online.

Asian Review of Books“Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant,” “Malls and Malls and Malls,” and “Mother's Wish List of Glass.” May 2017. Online. 

The Vassar Review, published by Vassar College. “Sonnet XV: We’ll Always Have Paris” and “Sonnet XVI: Chinatown, Revisited.” Print and Digital.

FIVE:2:ONE. “My Cousin Enters the 18th Century of her Rococo Apartment.” Issue 16. May 2017. Print.

Hobart. “All My Flings Have Hated Dim Sum,” “Triple Sonnet for My Crushes,” and “Daddy-Daughter Issues, Las Vegas Strip.” Online.

New Delta Review. “X. Vintage Shopping with Grandpa,” “XVIII. Welcome to My Family,” “XIX. The Thai Palace,” and “XXVII. To Market, To Market.” Issue 7.2. May 2017. Online.

The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought. “Triple Sonnet of Fried Food, Fortune Cookies, and Miracles” and “Robot Fetish, Because We’re All A Little Bit Lonely.” Spring 2017. Online.

The Journal. “Sonnet XXII: Mimi’s Newsstand.” Online.

SELFISH. “My Best Friend in the World Joins Tinder” and “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold With the Killer Legs.” Issue 5: Void of Course. Spring 2017. Print.

By&By Poetry. “Sonnet VIII: Grandmother's Porridge,” “Sonnet IX: The Times Square of Asia,” and “Sonnet XII: My Father Looks Back.” Issue 7. April 2017. Online.


Nightjar Review. “Nude Christmas in Italian Restaurant Fantasy.” February 2017. Online.


Vanilla Sex Magazine. “Chug that Milk, You Vixen,” “Straight Out of a '00s Music Video, Let’s Play in the Car,” “Whiskey Sour,” “Eat Me at Breakfast Against the Fridge, on the Countertop, on the Floor,” and “His and Her Towels.” Poetry Showcase: February 2017. Online.


Public Pool. “Let’s Skip the Bondage Club Tonight, Honey.” January 2017. Online.


Heavy Feather Review. “Ni Hao to You Too.” #notmypresident. January 2017. Online.


Vending Machine Press. “Sonnet XXV: Hong Kong Crabs Hold on for Dear Life,” “Jungle Love,” “Centerfold of the Month: Miss December,” and “Midnight When Stripperella’s Due Back Home.” January 2017. Online.


Yes, Poetry: December 2016 Poet of the Month. “Tattoo Parlor Sexed” and “Miss Hong Kong, I’ll Always Love You.” December Poet of the Month. December 2016. Online.


DIALOGIST. “XIII: My Mother the Writer.” Volume III, Issue IV. October 2016. Online.


Plume. “What is Love in Tennis, and What is Love” and Nude from Here to Eternity.” Issue #62. September 2016. Online.


Hinchas de Poesia. “Sonnet XXI: A Boar Has Escaped the Hong Kong Zoo” and “Eels in the Fridge.” August 2016. Online.


Queen Mob’s Teahouse. “My Mother Tells Me Playboy is a Bad Word” and “Bonding with Your Best Friend in the Nude.” July 2016. Online.


Blackbird. “Composition.” Vol. 15 No. 1 May 2016. Online.


Little Patuxent Review. “Animal Discovers Fire, Orders Chinese Takeout with Fries.” Summer 2016. Print.


Blunderbuss Magazine. “Centerfold: Best Picture.” May 2016. Online.


Off the Coast. “After Ren Hang’s Woman and Peacock, 2014.” Volume XXII, Number 1. Auguries of Peace issue. Winter 2016. Print.


Common Ground Review. “Paris, Hong Kong: A City Overlooking the 18th Century.” 17.2 Fall/Winter 2015. Print.


Matrix Magazine. Centerfold Ballad. Featured Poem. October 2015. Online.


Print-Oriented Bastards. “The Rabbit and Snake Cocktail.” Issue 8. October 2015. Online.


Ghost Ocean Magazine. “Centerfold: A Bust is a Bust” and “Centerfold of a Lifetime.” Issue 17. October 2015. Online.


Crab Fat Literary Magazine. “Centerfold Versailles.” Issue 6. November 2015. Online.


Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. “Centerfold of the Month: Miss February,” “Centerfold of the Month: July and August Double Issue,” and “Centerfold in the Water.” July 2015. Online.


Yellow Noise, now Re:Asian. “Hong Kong Pie.” June 2015, reprinted December 2016. Online.


Spillway. “Centerfold at Home.” Everyday Epiphanies Issue #23. June 2015. Print.


34th Parallel. “‘She’ Gets a Tattoo of Female Jesus.” Issue 29. January 2015. Print.


Plume. “Centerfold of the Year,” “Centerfold of the Month: Judgment,” and “Centerfold of the Month: Rabbit Season.” Issue #42. January 2015. Online.


Almost Five Quarterly. “The Haunted Bathrooms of Tokyo.” #96. September 2014. Online.


Day One. Ed. Carmen Johnson and Courtney Dodson. “Glasses Fetish: How Marilyn Scores Her Millionaire.” Issue 38. Amazon Publishing. July 2014. 21-22. eBook.


decomP: a literary journal. “Halos.” January 2014. Online.


Drunk Monkeys. “At the Seafood Department.” October 2013. Online.


Drunk Monkeys. “Double Date: I love watching you, watching you.” September 2013. Online.


Fickle Muses: an online journal of myth and legend. “Down the Rabbit Hole We Go Into Shibuya Land.” November 2013. Online.


Almost Five Quarterly. “Train Wreck.” Fall #25. October 2013. Online.


Keyhole Magazine. “Southern Chic.” September 2013. Online.


Danse Macabre Du Jour. “Double Date (+ one extra girl).” September 2013. Online.


Vine Leaves Literary Journal. “After ‘The Chrysanthemums’.” July 2013. Online.


Extract(s): Daily Dose of Lit. “Oysters.” July 2013. Online.


JMWW. “About Young People,” “Balloon Animals.” Summer 2013. Online.


Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. “Eels.” Issue 18. September 2012. Online.


The Writing Disorder. “In the Meat Aisle,” “On Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks,” “On the Pianissimo Ledge,” “Ikebukuro Train Rides,” Studio Confinement—An Ars Poetica,” “A Wolf of a Man.” Winter 2012. Online.




Green Linden Press. Essential Voices: An Anthology of Cotemporary Queer U.S. Poetry, edited by Christopher Nelson. “Triple Sonnet Because She Makes Me Hot.” February 2024. Forthcoming. Print.


Verse Poetry Press. WHERE ELSE: An International Hong Kong Poetry Anthology, edited by Jennifer Wong, Jason Eng Hun Lee, and Tim Time Cheng. May 2023. Print.


Foglifter Press, Home is Where You Queer Your Art. “Triple Sonnet, Because You Are Not My Home, You Are Not My Family.” Spring 2021. Print. Forthcoming. 

Flypaper Anthology. Special Edition. “Because You Fall Too Fast Too Hard.” December 2020. Print.

Bettering American Poetry. Volume 3. “XII. My Father Looks Back” and “XIII. My Mother the Writer.” Eds. George Abraham, Chen Chen, Sarah Clark, Kenning J.P. Garcia, Amy King, Héctor Ramírez, Candace Williams, Erika Wurth, and John Yau. Bettering Books. Fall 2019. Print.

Oxidant | Engine. The BoxSet Volume 2. “Dream Meal Sonnets.” March 2019. Print

Twin Cities: An Anthology of Twin Cinema from Singapore and Hong Kong. “Hollywood.” November 2017. Eds. Tammy Ho Lai-Ming and Joshua Ip. Landmark Books Pte Ltd. With support from Institute of Creativity at Hong Kong Baptist University, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, and Sing Lit Station. Print.

The Great American Poetry Show. Ed. Larry Ziman. “Chinatown from the Movies.” Vol. 3 West Hollywood, CA: The Muse Media. September 2015: 27-28. Print.


great weather for MEDIA: Before Passing. Ed. Jane Ormerod, Thomas Fucaloro, David Lawton, George Wallace, and Russ Green. “Guy Bourdin’s Girls Shed Their Lipstick.” August 2015: 20-23. Print.


Extracts Volume 2. “Oysters.” Gloucester, MA: Eastern Point Lit House. March 2013: 78. Print.


The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Ed. Jessica Bell and Dawn Ius. “After ‘The Chrysanthemums.’” Melbourne, Vic, Australia: Vine Leaves Press. October 2013: 115. Print.


The Writing Disorder presents The Best Poetry of 2012. Ed. C.E. Lukather. “In the Meat Aisle,” “On Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks,” “On the Pianissimo Ledge,” “Ikebukuro Train Rides,” Studio Confinement—An Ars Poetica,” “A Wolf of a Man.”  Los Angeles, CA: The Writing Disorder. November 2012: 161-174. Print.

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